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Money Discount Codes

Give the gift of saving money and giving choice by purchasing Money Discount Codes

What is it?


Purchasing a Money Discount Code allows a buyer to help someone save money and also gives them the choice of which Discount Package to purchase for themselves.

Simply select a money value below and make your purchase, and you will be emailed the Money Discount Code to pass onto the Recipient to use right away.

Remember to check out the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this page.



How It Works


Step 1: Purchase a Money Discount Code.  After you have completed the payment, an email is sent to you with your special code.

Step 2: Pass the Money Discount Code onto the Recipient by forwarding the email to them, or telling what the code is and the value of it.

Step 3: The Recipient comes to our website to purchase a Discount Package and enters the Money Discount Code into the relevant field.

Step 4: The Recipient then receives a reduction in the total cost of their purchase based on the value of the Money Discount Code.


$50 Money Discount Code


$100 Money Discount Code


$150 Money Discount Code


$200 Money Discount Code



Money Discount Codes Terms and Conditions

1. A Money Discount Code must be used by the Recipient within 12 months of purchase.
2. A Money Discount Code can only be used once by the Recipient.
3. Only one Money Discount Code may be used at a time towards a purchase.
4. If the value of a Money Discount Code is greater than what the Recipient purchases, the remainder of that Money Discount Code is forfeited.
5. There are No Refunds given for Money Discount Codes which have been used by the Recipient.
6. Please treat the Discount Code like money – do not lose it, the onus is on the buyer to ensure safekeeping of the code.