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Here is a list of frequently asked questions and answers.

What’s the $37 special?

This is our introductory special for the First Initial Lesson. You must have obtained your Learners Permit or completed a Knowledge Test, and must make an Online Booking.  The lesson is 45 minutes long.

Can I book a $37 driving lesson?

Yes, of course you may. You can make a booking online.  Go to our booking form and leave all your details, and provided you have a Learners Permit or completed a Knowledge Test, you are entitled to our “promotional special offer” $37 for 45 minutes, for your first driving lesson.

Lessons are available (Mon to Fri 9-5pm only) to qualify for the $37 deal.

Why are your prices so affordable?

V.I.P. Instructors are all based locally within your suburbs, eliminating excessive travelling expenses that other schools pass on to you.

Do you have Female instructors?

Yes we do, in most suburbs and available for manual or automatic training.

What Type of Cars you have?

Most of our Cars are Late Models such as Toyota Corolla Hatchbacks or similar.

Can I use my own car?

No sorry, all lessons are to be conducted in the instructors’ cars due to our insurance policies and WorkCover contracts.

Our cars are also equipped with dual control for safety.

Do you have packages or is it cheaper if I purchase a group/bundle of lessons?

Yes, we have discount packages which provide increased value. Please ensure you read and understand the Terms and Conditions on the Discount Packages page before selecting a discount package.

I’m not sure about committing to a package.

We advise you book an hour lesson initially and determine how you go first before committing to a package. Get to know the trainer, their teaching techniques and get use to the car you’ll using for the drive test first.

Do you have Key2Drive instructors?

Yes, in some suburbs we do, otherwise you can meet at the nearest VicRoads office.

What’s the Log Book all about?

The Log Book is issued to all learner drivers between 18 and 20 years of age. The learner driver is required to record the number of hours of driving, types of driving, and roads and conditions. Learner drivers must have a minimum of 10 hours of night driving. We at V.I.P Driving School can show you and your parents how it’s done.

Purchasing a Discount Package of prepaid lessons is the ideal way to ensure a student receives the amount of training they are required to undertake.

See more details at the VicRoads website.

Can I book a lesson today?

No sorry, there is usually a 3 – 4 days wait due to bookings. But if the instructors have a cancellation they maybe able to fit you in earlier. Please call our operators on 1300 658 080 any time 24/7.

Do I come to your office or specific meeting place?

Our Instructors will come to you and finish the lesson from the pick up point.

What’s are the basic costs of a driving lesson?

Our rates for automatic are $41 for 45 mins or $51 for 60 mins.

Our rates for manual are $43 for 45 mins or $53 for 60 mins.

You must have obtained your Learners Permit or have completed your Knowledge Test.

Why do a double lesson?

Double lessons are helpful if you are travelling from your place to your nearest VicRoads to learn the testing routes, and some students need longer to “warm up”. Many students find that double lessons are more effective because they can learn more.

I’m a parent of a 19 year old. Are we affected by the new Graduated Licensing System?

Yes. For people under 21 years, with a learners permit issued after 1st July 2007, the new system will make drivers safer. They are required to have plenty of driving experience (at least 120 hours) in various road conditions, including night driving. Be aware of the new testing requirements which our instructors are fully trained in. We hope we can assist your child to have all the skills to pass and also become a safe driver in the future when they are licenced.

How many lessons do I need before going for my driving test?

There is no minimum quota required by law, everyone has a different learning ability. However, some people may only need a few and others require more. It also depends on the frequency of lessons and previous experience. Keep in mind, we at V.I.P. suggest that no matter which driving school you choose, have one or two lessons and then ask your instructor to give you an approximate estimate.

What areas do you cover?

Most metropolitan areas of Melbourne. Don’t worry, we come to you.

e.g. home, school, or work.

What are the VicRoads fees?

Perception Hazard Test $35.50

Booking Fee (for drive only) $60.70

Transfer appointment fee $17.40

Full or P2 (green) $77.90 (3 yrs)

P1 (red) Probationary $103.90 (4 yrs)

Full licence $267 (10 yrs)

Automatic or manual – which one do I choose?

Depends on your personal preference or situation.

Auto is much easier to master, there are no gears to change and clutch to worry about. Therefore, you require less lessons. Once you obtain your auto licence you cannot drive any other vehicle apart from auto for the probationary period of 3 years. However, if you obtain your manual licence, you can drive both.

Note: If you are planning a career in the Police force, Army, Paramedic or Transport Industry a manual licence is a must. We cover both, the choice is yours.

How long are the lessons?

Single lesson is 45 minutes and a double is 90 minutes.  The most common lesson is 60 minutes.

Lesson can begin from an agreed address eg. home, school or work. We can also drop you off at a different location within 10-15 minutes away from where you started your lesson, check with your instructor.

How long is the VicRoads driving test as of 1st July, 2008?

The new VicRoads driving test now 35 – 40 minutes, almost double the previous test time.

What is the cost of the V.I.P Driving School driving test fee?

Please telephone our operator for the current prices and find out about our specials during the year.

I have a test booked. Can you help me?

Yes. Please telephone our operator and we’ll send an available instructor that is in your area.

I have an overseas licence. Can you help me?

Of course we can. Please call us and we’ll get you your licence with minimum fuss. We are the overseas conversion experts.

Drivers from overseas are required to undertake a Knowledge Test at VicRoads.  If your long term plan is to live and drive in Victoria, then it is ideal to obtain your Learners Permit and start training to acquire a Victorian driving licence.

See more details at the VicRoads website.

I’m very nervous about my driving lesson or driving test. Is that okay?

No worries. Most learners are very nervous. We are all very patient and will make you feel at ease. Remember, we’ll treat you like a V.I.P. If we don’t, please call our operator straight away and we’ll replace the instructor.

Do your instructors take Credit Cards payments for lessons?

Yes some instructors will have an EFTPOS machine on hand please check with your instructor prior to your lesson.  Alternatively, you can purchase prepaid discount vouchers from our online store.

Does VIP Driving School conduct “Defensive Driving” Courses?

Yes, we specialise in Magistrate Court Orders, Corporate Fleet Training, Pre-License “on road training” and Refresher courses.  Please see here for more information.

Please call us for more information.

V.I.P. Driving School reserves the right to make changes to prices and conditions without notice.

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