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Driving Test Tips


  • Don’t be that student who’s running late to get to their lessons on time and this becomes transferred into their actual drive test, leading them to fail on speeding or careless driving.
  • We recommend you always arrive on time to be ready for your warm up lesson with your VIP instructor.
  • Don’t drive too cautiously and be assertive, as you can actually be given a critical error for driving too slow as well (10 kph under the speed limit for no apparent reason.)
  • So travel at a speed that’s safe and always take the first safe gap in traffic.
  • Always keep a two second gap when following traffic and double that if it’s raining.
  • When booking your driving test avoid peak traffic conditions i.e 8:30-9am or 2:30-3:30pm.
  • Your VIP instructor will give you best time slots.
  • Always use Mirrors, Signals and do your Headchecks (M.S.H) to avoid deductions.
  • This is what we teach at VIP Driving School.
  • Have your VIP driving lessons regularly leading up to the test day.
  • Drive as often as possible around the testing station, especially the time of your actual test to familiarise yourself with the traffic conditions.
  • Don’t drink too much caffeine – it’s a myth that the more you consume it will aid your driving.
  • The opposite is what too much coffee or energy drinks will do.
  • Keep a lookout for hidden speed signs – remember the default speed is a maximum of 50 kph. (When there are no speed signs in an era.)
  • You don’t need to travel at the maximum all the time.
  • Don’t signal too early as it may confuse and mislead other vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Your VIP driving instructor would have informed you of this.
  • Go to bed at a sensible time to avoid sleepiness or drowsiness.
  • Avoid alcohol or medication if possible.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the testing officer to repeat their instructions. Sometimes it’s too noisy with other traffic, so just ask them to repeat it again.
  • Always do a few practice tests with your VIP driving instructor before attempting the driving test – this way you’ll know what standard you’re at.
  • If possible, do the practice test from the VicRoads carpark using the actual test routes.

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