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5 x 45 mins
$255 (save $10!)
5 x 60 mins
$315 (save $15!)
5 x 90 mins
$510 (save $20!)


10 x 45 mins
$510 (save $20!)
10 x 60 mins ^
$630 (save $30!)
10 x 90 mins ^
$1020 (save $40!)


5 x 45 mins
5 x 60 mins
5 x 90 mins


10 x 45 mins
10 x 60 mins ^
10 x 90 mins ^


3 x 60 mins + Test *
5 x 60 mins + Test *
10 x 60 mins + Test *


3 x 60 mins Refresher #
$235 (save $5!)
60 mins + Test *
90 mins + Test *

Note: All Discount Packages (except Refresher) are only available to Learner Permit Holders.

^ Inc. FREE PDF E-Book: Path to Driving Success.
* Manual or auto. Does not include VicRoads fees.
# Manual or auto, Victorian driving licence holders only, inc. P-platers and international licence holders. Available for weekends.

What is the cost of driving lessons in Melbourne VIC?

The price for 60 minute driving lessons are $65 to $70 in Melbourne VIC. For best value, it is more economical to purchase a package of driving lessons which will allow you to save a percentage amount off the standard price of the lessons.

How many driving lessons will I need to have before taking my VicRoads Drive Test and get my P Plates?

If you’re under 21 then you are required to undertake 120 hours of supervised learner driving. If you’re 21 or over there is no minimum hours and can take your Drive Test when you and/or your instructor/supervisor feel you are ready. It is important you take some lessons with a professional instructor as they will know if you are ready to take your Drive Test.

How much are the VicRoads fees when getting your Victorian drivers licence?

Please note that prices for driving lessons are separate from VicRoads’ licence and test fees. Please click here to see all of the current fees at the VicRoads website.

How can I save money when taking driving lessons in Melbourne VIC?

You can save money when purchasing a driving lessons package rather than paying for single lessons as you are buying lessons in bulk which applies a percentage discount.

What’s the fastest way to get your Victorian drivers licence?

Build up your hours and confidence with an instructor who is right for you. Then when you’re ready to take your test, you can purchase one of our Express Test Packages which includes a warm-up practice lesson immediately before your test so you have the best chance to pass.

How can I become confident at driving in Melbourne VIC?

The best way to become confident at driving is to practice as much as you can. Understand how the controls in the car work. Don’t become too concerned with other drivers but always observe and react accordingly. Always mind the speed limit and don’t feel pressured to do anything you shouldn’t do. But most of all, practice is the key to confident driving. A professional driving instructor knows how to help you advance your driving skills and prepare you for your Drive Test.