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Defensive Driving Course

VIP Driving School operates a defensive driving course aimed at enhancing your driving skills, developing more confidence behind the wheel and gaining more experience when driving on Victorian roads.

There may be other reasons for requiring a defensive driving course such as:

  • Court order by magistrate
  • Refresh of driving skills
  • Criminal Justice Diversion Program
  • Suspended licence
  • Corporate fleet training for company drivers
  • Risk reduction and confidence building for nervous drivers
  • Overseas drivers wanting to improve their skills

The course is $295.

At the completion of the course, every student is issued a certificate which can be used for a court order, to improve your chances of being employed and for general peace of mind.  Students also receive a 68-page Defensive Driving Course Book for them to study in detail.

A VIP Driving Defensive Driving Course is available as a Gift Voucher and is a perfect gift for a loved one to ensure they get the best chance at safe driving.

To find out more about our Defensive Driving Course, please telephone Andy 24 hours a day, seven days a week on 0403 267 593.

The following is an extract of pages from the course booklet which is issued to each student: