Shashi Jayatunga (rated 5.0) on 22/05/2017

I got my full licence yesterday at my first attempt and all credits should go to Elmer, whom I consider the best and the coolest Driving Instructor that any learner could have. :-) Elmer was such a great instructor and he built up my confidence in such a short time. So, I was able to get my Licence in just one month after I met him with about 8 lessons I had. He is a well experienced instructor and has a great style of teaching and knows how to put the students at ease. His techniques are superb and gives simple instructions. So, you want go wrong with your reverse parallel parking or three point turn. Most admiring thing about him is how he builds up the confidence with his continuous positive feedback. I am so lucky to have got to know him as he made me a confident and safe driver. I strongly recommend Elmer as a great Driving Instructor to any one. Thank you VIP and thank you Elmer!

Muhammad Usman (rated 5.0) on 22/06/2017

I highly recommend VIP driving school. I experienced a very professional behavior from the call center interaction to driving instructor. Adam, my driving instructor, was highly knowledgeable of VicRoads requirement. He was very friendly and made my course extremely easy. Adam understands the psychology of student and adjust the instructions accordingly covering all drive testing aspects smoothly and efficiently. I got my license in my first try and strongly recommend Adam, all thumbs-up for him.

Devika Kumar (rated 5.0) on 22/05/2017

Mali has been the best driving instructor. After not driving for a long time, I started taking refresher lessons from Mali and has helped me to regain my confidence in driving in Melbourne. I was nervous when I started my driving lessons with Mali but she has helped me to become a calm and safe driver. She is really friendly, patient and reassuring. She has always been really accommodating towards my needs, and has helped me in the areas where I needed more experience such as parking. Mali is really punctual as well, she always comes a few minutes before time... this is a big plus, unlike some other driving schools where instructors never come on time. I would highly recommend Mali to everyone who is looking to learn driving or regain their confidence in driving, she is an absolutely amazing and genuine instructor. Thank you Mali!

Rawinia Pierce (rated 5.0) on 22/05/2017

Mali is an excellent instructor i was nervous when i started however l found her mannerisms very calming she gave me confidence. Learning to drive with her has been such a great experience. I was sure i needed more lessons but she assured me i was ready to sit my test and she was right. i can happily say i passed my drive test because of Malis confident communication style and skills.

Olivia Czajko (rated 5.0) on 22/06/2017

I've only just started driving, so I decided to take a couple of driving lessons to gain some confidence and learn the basics. Christine was my instructor, and she was extremely helpful. She explained everything very well and definitely boosted my confidence on the road. 100% recommend Christine for anyone!!!